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Embark on an epic journey into the immersive realms of Azeroth with! Here, amidst the rise and fall of heroes, iconic figures like Alexstrasza, the revered Dragon Queen, and Thrall, the legendary Warchief of the Horde, are brought to life in breathtaking detail through premium collectable statues meticulously crafted by Blizzard. Let’s delve into the grandeur of these statues and unravel the tales they encapsulate.

Alexstrasza: The Life-Binder and Queen of Dragons

Standing tall at an impressive 52cm, the Blizzard premium statue of Alexstrasza captures the very essence of the revered Life-Binder and leader of the Red Dragonflight. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, every curve of her dragon form and every intricate scale adorning her majestic figure exudes regal power and elegance.

Alexstrasza transcends mere physicality; she embodies the very essence of dragon kind, entrusted with safeguarding life across Azeroth. Her story is one of sacrifice, courage, and unwavering dedication to her kin and their world. As admirers and collectors gaze upon this masterpiece, they’re reminded of Alexstrasza’s enduring legacy and her pivotal role in Warcraft’s ongoing saga.

The Blizzard Direct Product statue is meticulously crafted to perfection. Standing at 20.5 x 11 x 6.325 inches and weighing 14.33 pounds, this statue commands attention with its impressive size and detail. Constructed from high-quality polyresin and PVC materials, it ensures durability and longevity.

Each intricate detail is brought to life through the skilled hands of sculptors Brian Fay and Natacha Nielsen, who meticulously crafted this piece based on the game model. The hand-painted finish, expertly applied by artist Lewis Villamar, adds depth and realism, making every aspect of this statue truly captivating.

Whether displayed as the centrepiece of your collection or admired from afar, this Blizzard Direct Product statue is a testament to the dedication and talent of its creators. Dive into the world of gaming with this stunning collectable, bringing the essence of your favourite characters to life in your own home.

Thrall: Warchief of the Horde

Paying homage to one of Azeroth’s most iconic figures, the World of Warcraft Thrall Statue stands proud at 58cm. Thrall’s journey from slave to gladiator to Warchief of the Horde resonates with fans worldwide. Crafted from polyresin with astonishing accuracy, this statue captures Thrall’s essence – clad in the armour of a born warrior, wielding the mighty Doomhammer.

With two interchangeable left hands, collectors can customize their display, showcasing Thrall in moments of both battle and contemplation. This statue serves as a testament to Thrall’s resilience, redemption, and unwavering leadership, inspiring fans with his indomitable spirit.

“Though we face great conflict, our might combined shall obliterate those who would oppose us! ” — Thrall, Warchief of the Horde

A Celebration of Warcraft’s Legacy invites fans and collectors alike to immerse themselves in Warcraft’s rich tapestry through these premium statues. Whether proudly displayed as centrepieces or cherished reminders of Azeroth’s countless adventures, the Alexstrasza and Thrall statues captivate and inspire.

These masterpieces remind us of Warcraft’s enduring legacy and the iconic characters that have captured hearts for decades. From the fiery determination of the Dragon Queen to the steadfast resolve of the Horde’s Warchief, these statues stand as testaments to Azeroth’s indomitable spirit.

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