instagrammable walls: some beautiful examples and tips

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With the popularization of social networks, especially the darling Instagram, everyone is always looking for a beautiful landscape or scenery to guarantee some likes! Some people don't see it, but this is the ideal opportunity for those who have an establishment and want publicity, because anyone who sees the photo of the place on Instagram is crazy to go there and take one just like it! If you're here it's because then how important it is, so keep an eye out!

What is an Instagrammable place?

An instagrammable place is a physical location, such as a cafe, restaurant, store or public space, that has been creatively designed or decorated to be visually appealing and interesting to take pictures of. These places often have unique and distinctive elements that stand out in Instagram posts. An instagrammable place is a great way to attract people and promote a business or tourist destination.

Good examples of instagrammable walls

image of an instagrammable wall or instagrammable place
image of an instagrammable wall or instagrammable place
image of an instagrammable wall or instagrammable place
image of an instagrammable wall or instagrammable place

How to create instagrammable walls?

Creating an instagrammable wall requires careful planning and attention to detail. Here are some steps to create an awesome instagrammable wall:

1. Choose a theme or concept

Decide what the theme or concept of your instagrammable wall will be. It could be something related to your brand, product, style, or just something fun and creative. Think of colors, patterns, and visuals that align with your chosen theme. A popular theme nowadays are vertical gardens, which can be either artificial or real grass.

2. Set the location

Find a suitable place to create your instagrammable wall. It could be inside a store, on an outside wall or in a hallway. But remember: it has to be in a place that is visible and accessible to people.

3. Design the layout

Create a layout or design for your instagrammable wall. Consider elements such as phrases, illustrations, geometric shapes, colors and textures. Make sure the design is attractive and that it stands out in the photos. If you don't have many artistic gifts, you may need to hire an architect, artist or designer for this and the next steps!

4. Choose the materials

Decide what materials you will need to create the wall. This can include paints, brushes, stickers, wallpaper, fabrics, lettering or any other material that is relevant to the chosen design.

5. Run the project

Start working on creating the instagrammable wall. Follow the layout and design you created using your selected materials. Make sure you pay attention to detail and that the end result is visually appealing.

6. Promote the wall

After the instagrammable wall is completed, promote it on social media, especially Instagram. Take eye-catching photos and share them with an inviting caption for people to visit and take pictures on the wall.

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