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1. Introduction

Love Hypothesis: The Meeting of Science and Attraction

In this debut novel, Ali Hazelwood introduces us to Olive, a PhD student in Biology who becomes involved in a love affair with Adam, a demanding professor who is feared by his students. What starts as a lie to help her best friend hook up with her ex-boyfriend turns into a surprising discovery about love and science.

The Love Hypothesis is a fun, intelligent and exciting read, which addresses topics such as machismo in academia, LGBTQIA+ representation and the importance of friendship.

With fluid and humorous writing, Ali Hazelwood creates captivating characters and engaging scenes, which make us root for the protagonist couple. The work is a hit on TikTok and originated from a Star Wars fanfic.

“The love hypothesis” is a book that will make you laugh, sigh and get emotional. It's a fluid and engaging read that keeps you hooked from start to finish. The book also has a hot scene, but it is well contextualized and without exaggeration.

1.1. The World of Olive Smith

Meet Olive Smith, a Stanford University Biology PhD student with carefully calculated theories about everything. Olive believes only in science, being skeptical of feelings with little scientific possibility. Love is one of them.

1.2. A convincing choice

One day, Olive's friend starts seeing her ex-boyfriend. Her friend is afraid of hurting her, but Olive actually doesn't care. After all, she didn't love him, didn't even believe in love.

She sees that her friend likes him and decides, out of panic, to kiss the first man she sees. Just to prove to your friend that you don't care!

1.3. The Unexpected Boyfriend

The problem is that this man is Adam Carlsen, a prestigious young professor known for his rigorous approach and often reducing students to tears. What follows is an unexpected twist, as Adam agrees to carry out the charade and pretend to be her fake boyfriend – this is the moment when two scientists meet the irresistible force of attraction, which decides to bring them together.

However, the situation becomes increasingly complicated as they have to deal with the challenges of their fake relationship while struggling with their true feelings. Adam, with his strict approach, seeks to control his emotions and maintain the charade, but love has its own path. Meanwhile, the lives of the two scientists are also affected by the fake relationship. They realize that there is much more at stake than just their scientific research.

Both see the opportunity to learn about themselves, about love and the importance of opening their hearts to true connections. As the story unfolds, the characters face ethical dilemmas, their ideas are put to the test and, of course, a series of romantic and fun scenes.

The reader is led to reflect on the nature of love, the importance of authenticity in relationships and the courage to take risks for happiness. The chapters advance, revealing secrets, unexpected obstacles, and surprising twists. No fake relationship is perfect, but Adam and the Scientists prove that sometimes even the most unlikely situations can bring true feelings of happiness and fulfillment.

This is a story about an experiment called love. And this little experiment seems dangerously close to Olive and Adam and the two must now be convincing, after all, scientists demand proof – and all of their colleagues are scientists!


To everyone's delight, Editora Arqueiro, responsible for the book in Brazil, has made the first chapters of the book available in PDF! To access them, just click here.

If you want to buy the book or e-book on Amazon, just click here.


Here are some frequently asked questions about “The Love Hypothesis” and their answers:

  1. What makes “The Love Hypothesis” so popular on TikTok?

The book's popularity on TikTok can be attributed to its engaging plot and captivating characters that resonate with young readers. The nimble and fast-paced nature of social media like TikTok allows readers to share their emotions immediately, making it fertile ground for sharing your story experiences.

  1. Is it safe to download Free PDF of “The Love Hypothesis” from sharing sites?

Not always. Although many sharing sites offer free book downloads, it is important to exercise caution. Some of these sites may not have the legal copyright to distribute the work, which could result in legal problems for the other person downloading the book. It is recommended to check the legality of the website and prefer reliable sources such as online libraries or authorized distribution platforms to avoid any legal complications.

  1. Is the book available in Portuguese?

Yes, the book “The Hypothesis of Love” is available in Portuguese, which makes it accessible to a wide audience that speaks that language. The translation into Portuguese allows an even wider audience to enjoy the history and explore its complexities.

  1. What is the main message of “The Love Hypothesis”?

The main message of “The Love Hypothesis” is the exploration of love as an uncontrollable and often unpredictable force. The story challenges conventional scientific theories about love, suggesting that it cannot be fully understood or controlled by rational methods. Furthermore, the book reminds us that love can transform us in unexpected ways, making us question our beliefs and opening paths of self-discovery.

  1. What are the central themes of the book?

Some of the central themes explored in “The Love Hypothesis” include love, science, relationships and self-discovery. The book delves deeply into these themes, offering a captivating and unique look at how they intertwine in the characters' lives.

  1. Is there a sequel to “The Love Hypothesis”?

To date, there is no official sequel to “The Love Hypothesis”. The story is a unique and complete work in itself, leaving space for readers to reflect on its ending and the lessons it conveys. Although there is no direct sequel, many readers continue to discuss and exploring the themes and characters of the book, maintaining its relevance even after the main story ends.

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