What is sorority? How to practice?

Written by Mariana Santos

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Hey guys! Today we are going to talk about a very current issue among women. If you've ever been to a debate, reading or lecture about feminism, you've certainly heard this word: sisterhood. Do you know what it means? We researched and found interesting information that we want to share with you.


What it means?

The word sorority comes from the Latin soror, which means sisters. So, the concept of sisterhood has to do with the idea of brotherhood, partnership, empathy between women. Sisterhood is a way of acting that invites women to put aside feelings of competitiveness and join forces to benefit each other.

Because it's important?

Sisterhood is a concept created based on the analysis that female rivalry is encouraged by society. In other words, women are encouraged not to trust each other, but to trust and seek support in men. This rivalry, of course, weakens women as a group. Therefore, it would be necessary to form a union. Got it?

And this is the importance:

The sorority seeks to promote unity, support, respect and solidarity among women. It is a way to combat sexism, violence, discrimination and inequality that affect women in society. The saying goes: “Unity is strength”.

How to practice?

Practicing sisterhood does not mean being friends with all women, nor swallowing everyone without respecting each other. It's more about recognizing the differences, singularities and conditions of each woman as a woman.

It also means not offending, humiliating, envying or sabotaging other women. On the contrary, the practice encourages putting yourself in someone else's shoes, identifying with their problems, their struggles, their achievements.

And you, what do you think of sorority?

This was our post today, I hope you liked it and found all the answers you were looking for about sisterhood. If you want to leave an opinion, suggestion or question, feel free! We always keep an eye on the comments and love to know what you think.

A hug and see you next!


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