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Written by Felipe Costa

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Speak up, guys! Welcome to another video, and look at the sensational news: Amazon's Black Friday is officially happening. Now you may be asking yourselves: “What do you mean Amazon’s Black Friday?” Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything and show you why this year promises to be different. Grab your headphones and come with me!

What Makes This Black Friday Special

Amazon, as everyone knows, is a giant in the world of Marketplace and retail. And this year, it promises to surprise for some special reasons. Hold on to this information: Amazon's Black Friday will be simultaneous in several countries. That's right, folks, it won't be on the same day that Brazilian companies usually hold Black Friday in November. We're having an off-season promotion, and I'm going to tell you why this is great for all of us.

1. Off-Season Promotion

With Black Friday simultaneously in other countries, we will have the opportunity to take advantage of another off-season promotion. So, if you need something to buy now, it's the ideal time. And don't worry, we're keeping an eye on the offers. To find out more, you can activate notifications on our website or add it to your favorites!

2. Exclusive Discounts for iPhones

I know many of you are interested in iPhones, and I have good news. Apple officially sells on Amazon Brazil, as well as in the United States. This means better discounts and super-fast delivery for Amazon Prime subscribers. If you're not a subscriber yet, it's worth giving it a chance, after all, the first 30 days are free, and you have access to Prime video, films, series, documentaries, music and much more.

The link to the official Apple store on Amazon is: – Apple.

3. Xiaomi Smartphones

Xiaomi smartphones will also be at incredible prices. Amazon Prime Day, which precedes Black Friday, has already shown some sensational discounts in previous years. If you have your eye on a Xiaomi smartphone at a fair price, stay tuned to the groups, because the offers are coming.

Xiaomi does not have an official store on Amazon, but here we separate the two offers that are being used the most by consumers:

Redmi Note 12

Storage: 128GB.
RAM memory: 6GB.

Redmi Note 12S

Storage: 256GB.
RAM memory: 8GB.

4. Samsung in Play

Recently, Samsung officially started selling on Amazon. This means we will have more product options at competitive prices. If you are thinking about purchasing a Galaxy A34, for example, it could be a great opportunity. But not only that: the Samsung store also sells monitors, smartwatches and others!

Here is the Samsung store link: – Samsung.

5. Discounts on Eco Devices and Amazon Products

And of course, we can't forget Echo devices and other products from Amazon itself. All of them already have significant discounts, but it is likely that the price will drop even further. For now, the title of best discount goes to the Kindle!

You can see all the Black Friday deals on Amazon products here: – Amazon Devices.

As we saw, Black Friday has already started to heat up! Stay tuned, like, share with friends, family, and everyone who loves a good promotion. A good discount is a shared discount!

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