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Italian citizenship is the key to a world of opportunities: living, working and studying in Europe without restrictions, having access to quality public services, traveling freely across different countries and even being entitled to an Italian pension. If you have Italian ancestry and want to make this dream come true, this post is your complete guide! 

Step 1: Uncover your Italian lineage: 

The first step is to confirm whether you are entitled to citizenship. To do this, it is essential to have documents that prove Italian ancestry, such as birth, marriage and death certificates. Start your genealogical investigation: 

  • Explore websites and online forums: Several free resources will help you with your research, such as the Italian Ministry of the Interior's “Antenati” website and specialized forums on Italian citizenship. 
  • Connect with family members: Talk to older relatives, ask for help finding old documents, and rebuild your family tree. 
  • Consider professional help: A genealogist can help you search for documents in historical archives and registry offices, especially in more complex cases. 

Step 2: Choose the ideal path for you: 

After confirming your ancestry, you can choose two main routes to obtain citizenship: 

  • Administrative route: ideal for those who already have all the documentation in hand and reside in a country with an Italian Consulate. The process is free, but can be time-consuming, with waiting lines that vary depending on the Consulate. 
  • Benefits: Zero cost, family process and no need for a lawyer. 
  • Disadvantages: long waiting lines (can take years), need to have all documentation on hand and reside in a country with an Italian Consulate. 
  • Judicial route: alternative for those who do not have all the documentation, reside in a country without an Italian Consulate or want a faster process. It involves lawyer costs and court fees. 
  • Benefits: faster process (generally takes 1 to 3 years), ideal for those who do not reside in a country with an Italian Consulate or do not have all the documentation. 
  • Disadvantages: lawyer costs and court fees (between 4 thousand and 8 thousand euros), a more complex process that requires professional monitoring. 

Prices and values of Italian citizenship: 

The costs for each route vary considerably. On the administrative side, expenses are concentrated on the translation and authentication of documents, in addition to the consular fee of approximately 300 euros. In court, the amounts can vary between 4 thousand and 8 thousand euros, depending on the complexity of the case, legal fees and court fees. 

  • Administrative route: 
  • Document translation and authentication: R$ 200 to R$ 500 per document on average. 
  • Consular fee: 300 euros (approximately R$ 1,600). 
  • Judicial route: 
  • Legal fees: between 4 thousand and 8 thousand euros (approximately R$ 21,000 to R$ 42,000). 
  • Court fees: vary depending on the Court. 

Other expenses to consider: 

  • Flight tickets and accommodation: if it is necessary to travel to Italy to complete the process. 
  • Hague Apostille: approximately R$ 120 per document. 

Planning and organization are fundamental: 

Obtaining Italian citizenship requires planning and organization. It is crucial to research the options, choose the route best suited to your case, prepare for the costs involved and bear in mind that the process can be long. 

Valuable tips to help you on this journey: 

  • Search for information: consult official websites, forums and blogs specialized in Italian citizenship. 
  • Seek professional help: A lawyer specializing in Italian law can guide you, help you search for documents and represent you throughout the process. 
  • Be patient: Deadlines can be long, especially administratively. 
  • Start right now: Gather documents, organize your information and take the first step towards making this dream come true! 

Remember if: 

  • The values mentioned are estimates and may vary. 
  • Consult a professional to obtain accurate information about your case. 

An investment in your future 

Italian citizenship is an investment in your future and opens you to a world of opportunities. With it, you will be able to: 

  • Live, work and study in any European Union country: without the need for a visa or work permit, expanding your professional and academic opportunities. 
  • Have access to quality public services: such as health, education and social security, in any EU country. 
  • Travel freely across different countries: visa-free access to more than 180 countries, including the United States, Canada and Japan. 
  • Be entitled to Italian retirement: After contributing to the Italian pension system, you can receive an Italian pension, even if you live in another country. 
  • Transmit citizenship to your children: Your children born after obtaining Italian citizenship will automatically be Italian citizens. 

Start building your future today! 

The journey to Italian citizenship can be long, but with planning, organization and the help of qualified professionals, you can make this dream come true and open up a world of opportunities for you and your family. 

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