Lesson Plan: Sunflower for Early Childhood Education Playful Activities

Written by Mariana Santos

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Lesson Plan: Sunflower for Early Childhood Education Playful Activities

1. Objectives

Time estimate: 10 – 15 minutes

1.1. Main objectives:

  • Provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of the sunflower as a plant, exploring its characteristics and life cycle.
  • Stimulate curiosity and respect for nature, encouraging observation and interaction with the environment.
  • Promote creativity and artistic expression through sensory activities related to the sunflower.

1.2. Secondary objectives:

  • Develop fine motor skills through practical activities such as drawing and painting.
  • Encourage group work and collaboration among students.
  • Introduce basic notions of sustainability and care for the environment, highlighting the importance of plants for life on Earth.

2. Introduction

Time estimate: 15 – 20 minutes

– Start the class by asking students if they know the sunflower and what they know about this plant.
– Present images and basic information about the sunflower, such as the size of the flowers, their colors and how they follow the sunlight.
– Highlight the importance of sunflowers for pollinating animals, such as bees.

3. Development

Time estimate: 50 – 60 minutes

3.1. Sunflower Exploration

Time estimate: 15 – 20 minutes

– Hold a conversation about the characteristics of the sunflower, encouraging students to share what they know.
– Show sunflower seeds and explain how the plant grows from them.
– Propose a practical activity of planting seeds in small pots so that students can observe the plant’s growth over time.

3.2. Sensory activities

Time estimate: 20 – 25 minutes

– Propose a sunflower observation activity, using painting or drawing so that students can artistically express what they have learned.
– Promote a sensory experience with sunflower seeds, where students will be able to touch, smell and taste the seeds.

4. Return

Time estimate: 15 – 20 minutes

4.1. Presentation of activities

Time estimate: 5 – 10 minutes

– Invite students to show their paintings, drawings or vases with planted seeds, encouraging communication and individual expression.

4.2. Feedback and Closing

Time estimate: 5 – 10 minutes

– Ask students for feedback on what they learned in class and what they enjoyed doing most.
– Reinforce the importance of caring for plants and nature, reminding them how the sunflower is a special and beautiful plant.

5. Homework

Time estimate: 5 minutes

– Propor aos alunos que observem girassóis em sua comunidade, em books ou na internet, e tragam alguma curiosidade ou informação nova para compartilhar na próxima aula.

6. Conclusion

Time estimate: 10 – 15 minutes

– Recap the activities carried out and the main lessons learned about sunflowers.
– Highlight the importance of plants for life on Earth and reinforce the idea of caring for the environment.
– Encourage students to continue exploring and learning about the plants around them.

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