Lesson Plan: Same and Different for Early Childhood Education

Written by Mariana Santos

ArqBahia team of authors.

1. Goals
– Provide children with an understanding of the concepts of equal and different, in a clear and comprehensive way.
– Develop the ability to identify and compare objects, animals and people according to their similarities and differences.
– Stimulate children’s logical thinking and classification skills.

2. Introduction
– Start the class with a conversation circle, where children will be asked if they know anything that is the same or different.
– Present figures or objects that can exemplify the concept of equality and difference.
– Contextualize the importance of recognizing and respecting differences between people, highlighting diversity as something positive.

3. Development
3.1. Classification Activity
– Distribute different objects to the children and ask them to classify them into groups according to their characteristics (color, size, shape, etc.).
– Encourage the exchange of ideas and explanation of the reason for each classification made by the children.

3.2. Pairs Game
– Prepare cards with images of objects or animals and ask children to find pairs that are the same.
– Stimulate children’s observation and visual perception.

4. Return
4.1. Group Discussion
– Promote a group discussion so that children can share their discoveries and learnings during the activities.
– Reinforce the concepts of equal and different, ensuring that they understand the differences and similarities.

4.2. Fixation Activity
– Ask children to draw or cut out images from magazines to classify into groups of equal and different.
– Check individually whether each child was able to understand and apply the concepts covered.

5. Homework
– As a homework assignment, ask students to observe objects at home and identify what is the same and what is different, and they can bring examples to share in the next class.

6. Conclusion
– Recapitulate the concepts of equal and different, reinforcing the importance of recognizing and valuing the differences between people.
– Highlight that, even though they are different in some aspects, everyone deserves respect and consideration.
– Encourage children to practice equality and empathy in their daily lives, valuing the diversity present in our world.

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