Lesson Plan: Vocal Meeting for Early Childhood Education

Written by Mariana Santos

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Main objectives:
– Provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of the concepts of vowel clusters in the Portuguese language, aiming to develop reading and writing skills.
– Develop skills in identifying and applying vowel clusters in words and phrases.
– Encourage the practice and correct pronunciation of different vowel clusters.
– Stimulate children’s creativity in creating words with different vowel clusters.

Secondary objectives:
– Promote teamwork and collaboration among students.
– Awaken students’ interest in the Portuguese language in a playful and interactive way.
– Value the diversity of sounds and letters present in the Portuguese language.


To introduce the topic of vowel clusters, I will start the class by asking students if they know what vowels are and how we can join them to form syllables and words. I will present in a simple and illustrative way the different vowel clusters in the Portuguese language, showing examples of words and phrases that contain these clusters.


Review of previous knowledge

Let's review vowels and their characteristics together, remembering how we can identify them in a word and how they are fundamental for the construction of syllables and words in our language.

Presentation of the theory

I will present the different vowel combinations in a dynamic and participatory way, such as the open vowel and the closed vowel, explaining their differences and showing examples to facilitate students' understanding.

Practical activities

1. Identification of vowel clusters: Students will be divided into groups and will receive cards with words containing different vowel clusters to identify and classify the clusters present in the words.

2. Word search for vowel clusters: Each student will receive a sheet with a word search containing words with vowel clusters to find and circle.


Learning Check

Let's review together the activities carried out, highlighting the different vowel encounters identified and the difficulties encountered. Students will be encouraged to share their discoveries and learnings during the activities.

Student feedback

Students will be invited to express what they liked most about the class and if they encountered any difficulties in understanding or identifying the vowel clusters. Student feedback is essential to improving future classes.


For home, students will have the task of creating a short story using words with different vowel clusters. They will be able to be creative and explore the diversity of sounds present in the Portuguese language.


To conclude the class, I will reinforce the importance of vowel clusters in the formation and understanding of words in our language, highlighting how this knowledge is essential for correct reading and writing. I will encourage students to practice vowel clusters at home and further explore the possibilities of the Portuguese language. Furthermore, I will highlight the importance of communication and oral expression in the correct pronunciation of the different vowel clusters.

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