MWC 2024: MediaTek launches T300 5G RedCap chipsets for IoT and low-power devices

Written by Felipe Costa

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MediaTek launched the T300 platform for IoT applications, powered by RedCap. The T300 is an SoC built on the M60 modem, offering a simplified and reliable antenna design. This helps extend battery life in 5G devices while reducing development costs.

The M60 modem promises to reduce power consumption compared to LTE Cat-4 alternatives and existing 5G eMMB solutions. It also brings more energy sustainability to devices. MediaTek announced the M60 modem and T300 chipsets with RedCap technology in November last year. The official launch took place at MWC 2024.

Benefits of the T300 for the IoT market

The T300 combines the benefits of 5G with the unique cost and power requirements of IoT devices. JC Hsu, corporate senior vice president at MediaTek, highlighted that the T300 will help brands capitalize on the market opportunity with 5G RedCap. The component features UltraSave 4.0 technology to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Additional features of the T300 include 5G NSA and 5G SA support, along with LTE and NR-FR1 (20 MHz). The component also allows Dual SIM single active (DSSA) and network slicing, essential for several IoT applications. With lower latency, the T300 provides high-quality connections to devices.

MediaTek's T300 platform is an innovative solution for the IoT market. With RedCap technology and the M60 modem, 5G devices become more energy efficient. MediaTek continues to lead the technology industry with advanced solutions for future applications.

With the launch of the T300 at MWC 2024, MediaTek shows its commitment to innovation and technological advancement. Brands using the T300 will be able to offer high-quality IoT devices with low power consumption and greater connectivity. The IoT market is constantly evolving, and MediaTek is prepared to lead this transformation.

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