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Speak it out! (Larga o doce!)

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In the first article of this partnership between arqBahia and TrapBaiano, we want to present to you the series "Larga o Doce", from TrapBaianoPodcast. Starting with this first mass episode with RDD, artist and music producer known for his links to pagotrap and afro-pop.

"Larga o Doce", as the name already shows, is a space where we can immerse ourselves in the lives and careers of the artists of Bahia. In it you will have the opportunity to explore diverse worlds, such as music, fashion or skateboarding, and to hear inspiring stories.

Each episode, TrapBaiano chats with a special guest. With spontaneous and interesting questions, they go deep, revealing details about the artist's musical origins, his inspirations, references, the challenges and perspectives on the art scene of Bahia.

first episode: rdd

In the first episode of "Larga o doce", TrapBaiano invited Rafa Dias.

Renowned Brazilian DJ, music producer and artist, Rafa Dias, also known as RDD, is a native of Paulo Afonso.

He is known both for his participation in the band ÀTTOOXXÁ and for his solo and producer career. He has already made his mark on the music industry, being recognized for his versatility and ability to move between different styles and musical genres.

His trajectory is marked by successful partnerships and significant contributions to Brazilian music. A great example is the music produced with Anitta, in participation with Cardi B., among others.

If you already know everything about RDD and want to take a direct look at the episode, just launch the play down here! But if you want to know more, you can read our column while listening to RDD as he speaks it out!

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band àttooxxá

One of the important points of Rafa Dias' career is his participation in the band Àttooxxá, created in 2015. The group stands out as one of the main representatives of current Bahian music. As one of those responsible for the group's sonic identity, he helped consolidate the pagotrap.

Heard mainly in Bahia and Recife, pagotrap is the result of a mixture between pagodão groove and trap. Having been one of the first to bet on the pagotrap, Àttooxxá conquered the public and became a phenomenon.


In addition to his work with Àttooxxá, Rafa Dias also stands out as a producer of renowned artists such as Pabllo Vittar and Anitta. His collaboration with Pabllo Vittar on the track "Vai Embora" featured Ludmilla. This production stood out and conquered the public, evidencing his creative ability.

The same happens with the single "Me Gusta", by Anitta, which features Àttooxxá, Cardi B and Mike Towers. Rafa Dias' ability to adapt to different styles and create hit songs proves his talent as a music producer.


However, it was during quarantine that Rafa decided to dedicate himself to his solo project, using the name "RDD". His first release was the song "We Go Hard", which features Jamaican Agent Sasco, one of Rafa's idols.

RDD, as a solo artist, seeks to explore a sound that mixes Afro influences, such as afrobeat, with elements of Bahian pagodão and trap. This fusion of rhythms results in an authentic and singular sound, straight from the northeast of the country.


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