disadvantages of living in salvador: a complicated love

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Living in a city full of history, culture and natural beauty is a privilege, but not everything is flowers. Like every big city, Salvador also has its disadvantages and challenges that can test our patience and resilience. Today, I want to share with you some of the experiences I've had over the years in this city that I love so much, but which also made me a little indignant at times. Get ready to see the other side of the coin and embark with me on this journey through the mishaps of living in Salvador.

The Chaotic Traffic

Anyone who has lived in Salvador knows that traffic is really crazy around here. Endless traffic jams, incessant horns and impatient drivers are just some of the features of this chaotic scenario. It's amazing how the streets seem to turn into real race tracks, with cars, motorcycles and public transport vying for space at all times. Traffic jams become a real test of patience and can turn a simple task, like going to the supermarket, into a real marathon. It's not uncommon for me to find myself humming in the car trying to relax and stay in a good mood in this daily battle against traffic in Salvador.

The Unbearable Heat

Ah, the summer in Salvador! It's a time when the sun seems closer here than anywhere else in the world. The thermometers rise, and the heat becomes simply unbearable. Leaving the house becomes a real ordeal, as the sweat starts to flow even before we get to the car or the bus stop. Air conditioning becomes our best friend, and cold water, our salvation. Light clothing and fans are our allies in this battle against the tropical, hot and humid climate. It's no wonder that Bahians are so resourceful when dancing, after all, you have to move to beat the heat!

Sudden Rains:

In Salvador, the phrase “those who are in a hurry, don't arrive” makes perfect sense when it comes to the sudden rains that tend to fall around here. The sky may be blue and cloudless, but you only have to venture outside without an umbrella to be surprised by a tropical storm. The streets are filled with puddles, making the walk a real challenge to avoid them. And there's no use trying to take cover somewhere, because these rains are usually intense and often last for hours. However, even with wet feet and soaked clothes, it's impossible not to surrender to the charm of Salvador's rains, which bring welcome freshness after hot days.

Urban Violence

Unfortunately, we cannot talk about the disadvantages of living in Salvador without mentioning urban violence, a reality that affects many big cities around the world. Robbery, theft and other types of crimes are a constant concern here, and it is necessary to always be alert to ensure personal safety. Avoiding walking with valuables on display, choosing safer routes and avoiding certain places at certain times are basic measures to protect yourself. However, it is worth mentioning that Salvador also has many quiet and safe neighborhoods, where it is possible to live in relative peace.

Final considerations

Despite all these disadvantages and challenges I mentioned, living in Salvador is a unique experience. The natural beauties, the rich culture and the contagious joy of the people of Salvador compensate for these adversities and increase the quality of life. It is true that we have to learn to deal with the chaotic traffic, the scorching heat, the sudden rains and the concern for safety, but all of this is part of the package of living in a city as vibrant and full of energy as Salvador.

In the end, I took with me the learning that it is necessary to face these challenges with good humor and make the most of the opportunities that the city offers us. After all, Salvador has a special charm that captivates anyone who visits it or decides to settle down here. It is a place where people know how to smile, dance and celebrate even in the face of adversity. And, in the end, that's what makes Salvador such a special and unique place.

So, if you are willing to face the disadvantages of living in Salvador with good humor and a good dose of resilience, get ready to fall in love with this incredible city, full of history, culture and good stories to tell.

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