Integrated Arts: Exploring Brazil's Independence through different media in the 5th year

Written by Felipe Costa

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Integrated Arts: Exploring Brazil's Independence through different media in the 5th year

In the search for a more dynamic and creative education, multidisciplinary approaches from different disciplines have been implemented in classrooms, seeking to promote more meaningful learning for students. In this context, Integrated Arts play a fundamental role, allowing themes to be explored more comprehensively and stimulating students' creativity and expression.

In the 5th year, a historical theme of great relevance is the Independence of Brazil. By exploring this subject through Integrated Arts, students have the opportunity to learn in a more playful and interactive way, in addition to developing artistic and teamwork skills.

One way to address Brazil's Independence is through the production of a video. Divided into groups, students can research the historical period, select key moments and create scripts for recording. Furthermore, they can be encouraged to explore different forms of expression, such as dramatizing important characters of the time, creating sets and costumes and even producing a soundtrack.

Another way of working towards Brazilian Independence is through the production of a literary newspaper. In this case, students can divide into teams and research different aspects of Independence, such as the struggles and movements, the leaders involved and the main changes that occurred after independence. Each team can produce news, interviews, cartoons and even poems on the topic. At the end, it is possible to create an online or printed newspaper, highlighting the students' collaborative work.

In addition to these media, painting can also be explored in the approach to Brazilian Independence. Students can research Brazilian historical painting and create works inspired by the theme. They can use techniques such as watercolor, gouache or acrylic paint, and create paintings that represent the most important moments of the independence process. These works can be displayed in the school hallway or inside the classroom, providing students with the opportunity to appreciate and reflect on each other's artwork.

Finally, music is also a powerful way to explore the theme of Brazilian Independence. Students can research songs that were popular in the historical period covered and create contemporary versions of these songs. They can, for example, adapt the melody of a well-known song and write updated lyrics, including references to leaders and historical events of Independence. This activity allows students to combine musical expression with history, promoting a deeper understanding of the topic.

In short, Integrated Arts is an enriching way to explore historical themes, such as Brazil's Independence, in the 5th year. By using different media, such as video, literary journal, painting and music, students have the opportunity to learn in a more creative and meaningful way, express their ideas and artistic skills and develop teamwork. Through this approach, the classroom becomes a more dynamic and exciting learning space, allowing students to engage more deeply with Brazil's history and independence process.

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