What is the Thematic Unit in the Lesson Plan

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Lesson plan on What is the Thematic Unit in the Lesson Plan


Time estimate: <10 - 15 minutos>

1. Main objectives:
– Proporcionar uma compreensão clara e abrangente do conceito de unidade temática no plano de aula.
– Develop students’ ability to identify and create thematic units in their own lesson plans.
– Promote reflection on the importance of the thematic unit in the organization and cohesion of the lesson plan.

2. Secondary objectives:
– Stimulate students’ creativity in developing innovative thematic units.
– Encourage collaboration between students in the discussion and analysis of thematic units.
– Promote students’ autonomy and critical thinking in the construction of their classes.


Time estimate: <15 - 20 minutos>

– Quick review of the thematic unit concept in a lesson plan.
– Presentation of examples of thematic units and their importance in organizing the content.
– Discussion about how a thematic unit helps to establish connections between the different elements of a lesson plan.


Time estimate: <50 - 60 minutos>

1. Review of previous knowledge
– Resumption of the concept of thematic unity and its relevance.
– Group discussion on how to identify the thematic unit in a lesson plan.

2. Presentation of the theory
– Detailed explanation of what a thematic unit is.
– Demonstrations of how a thematic unit can be structured and articulated throughout a lesson plan.
– Exemplification of different types of thematic units and their practical application.

3. Practical activities
– Activity 1: Students must analyze a lesson plan provided by the teacher and identify the thematic unit present.
– Activity 2: In groups, students must create a lesson plan, highlighting a clear and coherent thematic unit.


Time estimate: <15 - 20 minutos>

1. Learning Check
– Review of practical activities carried out.
– Group discussion on the difficulties encountered in identifying and creating thematic units.

2. Student feedback
– Collecting student feedback on understanding the concept of thematic unit.
– Suggestions from students to improve the practical application of the concept in future lesson plans.


Time estimate: <5 minutos>

– Preparation of a small lesson plan with a clear and objective thematic unit.


Time estimate: <10 - 15 minutos>

– Recapitulation of the main points discussed about the thematic unit in the lesson plan.
– Highlighting the importance of the thematic unit for the organization and cohesion of content in teaching practice.
– Encouragement for students to apply the concept of thematic unit in their future lesson plans.

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