Lesson Plan: Proper Name for Early Childhood Education

Written by Mariana Santos

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Main objectives:
– Introduce the concept of first name to children, highlighting its importance and meaning.
– Identify and recognize your own name and the names of colleagues.
– Stimulate fine motor coordination through name writing activities.
– Promote socialization and mutual respect among children.

Secondary objectives:
– Develop children’s self-esteem and confidence when recognizing their names.
– Stimulate creativity by decorating their own names.
– Encourage oral and communication among students when sharing information about their names.
– Reinforce group identity and belonging through recognizing each other’s names.


To start the class, we will gather the children in a circle and talk about the importance of first names. We will give examples of how each person has a unique name, which is like their own identity. After this introductory conversation, we will present cards with the children's names and encourage each one to recognize their name.


  1. Review of previous knowledge (10 – 15 minutes)
    • We will remind children about the importance of knowing how to write and recognize their own name.
  2. Presentation of the theory (15 – 20 minutes)
    • We will explain what a first name is, how each person has a unique and special name, and how important it is to identify ourselves.
  3. Practical activities (20 – 25 minutes)
    • Activity 1: Each child will have a blank piece of paper with their name on it so they can decorate and color it however they want.
    • Activity 2: Children will practice writing their names on lined sheets of paper, with the help of teachers to ensure correct writing.


  1. Learning Check (5 – 10 minutes)
    • We will do a round in which each child will show the paper with their name decorated and read it out loud, so everyone can see and hear.
  2. Student feedback (5 – 10 minutes)
    • We will ask children about how they felt when memorizing and writing their names, encouraging them to express their experiences.


For homework, we will ask children to show the paper with their name decorated on it to their families, explaining the meaning and importance of their first name.


At the end of the class, we will reinforce the idea that each name is unique and special, and that knowing how to recognize and write your own name is a big step towards learning and self-discovery. We will highlight the importance of identity and respect for other people's names, promoting the appreciation of each child's individuality and diversity. In the end, we will encourage the practice of mutual respect and appreciation of differences, building an environment of respect and acceptance among all students.

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