Lesson Plan: Initial Letter of Name for Early Childhood Education

Written by Mariana Santos

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Lesson Plan: Initial Letter of Name for Early Childhood Education

1. Goals
– Provide students with the recognition and identification of the initial letter of their name.
– Stimulate students’ visual perception and motor coordination.
– Promote socialization and interaction between students.

2. Introduction
– The teacher will start the class by asking students what the initial letter of their name is and encouraging them to find it on posters or visual materials spread around the room.
– Then, the teacher will present a memory game with cards containing pictures of objects whose names start with the same letter, encouraging students to associate the picture with the initial letter.

3. Development
Activity 1: Letter Hunt
– Students will be divided into small groups and will have to look around the room or in the courtyard for letters of the alphabet that correspond to the initial of their name.
– Each group will have a set amount of time to find as many letters as possible.

Activity 2: Collective Poster
– Each student will receive a letter of the alphabet and, together, students must create a mural with their names, highlighting the initial letter.
– During this activity, students will be able to help each other identify letters, promoting collaboration and teamwork.

4. Return
– The teacher will hold a conversation circle so that students can share what letters they found and what the experience of putting together the mural was like.
– Next, the teacher will review the initial letters of the students’ names, reinforcing their recognition.

5. Homework
– As homework, students should bring an object or figure that begins with the same initial letter as their name to the next class, to share with the class.

6. Conclusion
– To conclude the class, the teacher will reinforce the importance of knowing the initial letters of names and how this facilitates learning written language.
– The teacher will also highlight that each student is unique and special, as is the initial letter of their name, promoting each person’s self-esteem and sense of identity.

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