Lesson Plan: Animals for Early Childhood Education Assembling the Plan

Written by Mariana Santos

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Lesson Plan: Animals for Early Childhood Education


Main objectives:

  • Provide children with a basic understanding of different types of animals and their characteristics.
  • Develop children's curiosity and interest in animals and nature.
  • Promote awareness about the importance of preserving animals and their habitats.
  • Stimulate children's creativity through playful and interactive activities.

Secondary objectives:

  • Recognize different habitats and how they influence the lives of animals.
  • Promote respect and empathy for animals.
  • Encourage the observation and description of the physical and behavioral characteristics of animals.
  • Stimulate children's motor coordination and artistic expression.


To start the class, we will show images and videos of different animals, instigating children's curiosity. We will then ask simple questions about animals, such as “What is your favorite animal?” and “Where do animals live?”


Review of previous knowledge

Let's review the basic information about animals learned earlier, remembering the differences between domestic animals and wild animals.

Presentation of the theory

Let's explore together the different types of animals, such as mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish, highlighting their distinct characteristics.

Practical activities

  1. Animal game: Children can play by identifying animals through images and sounds.
  2. Clay sculpture: Each child will choose an animal to mold in plasticine, stimulating creativity and motor coordination.


Learning Check

Let's ask the children which animals they most enjoyed learning about and what new things they discovered during the class.

Student feedback

We will ask children to draw their favorite animal and explain why it is special to them.


For home, children should draw a different animal to bring and share in the next class.


Finally, we will reinforce the importance of taking care of animals and nature, remembering that each animal plays an important role in the ecosystem. We will highlight how children can help preserve animals through simple everyday actions.

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