Lesson Plan: Members of Early Childhood Education BNCC

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Lesson Plan: Vowels in Early Childhood Education – BNCC

1. Goals
– Provide the recognition and identification of vowels as fundamental elements of the Portuguese language. (Skill 1)
– Develop students’ phonological awareness, realizing the importance of vowels in the formation of words. (Skill 2)
– Encourage the correct pronunciation of vowels and their association with everyday objects and animals. (Skill 3)

2. Introduction
– Start the class with a conversation about the importance of vowels in the formation of words.
– Show pictures of objects and animals that start with the vowels A, E, I, O, U.
– Sing songs or recite poems that contain words with the vowels worked on.

3. Development
Review of previous knowledge (10 minutes): Recap previously learned vowels.
Presentation of vowels (15 minutes): Present and explore each vowel separately, showing its written form, pronunciation and association with objects and animals.
Practical activities (25 minutes): Play interactive games, such as word searches, vowel bingo, memory with vowel pictures, among others.

4. Return
Learning Check (10 minutes): Carry out a fun activity where students identify the vowels in words and images.
Student feedback (5 minutes): Question students about what they learned and whether they still have questions about the vowels worked on.

5. Homework (5 minutes)
– Ask students to bring objects or pictures that begin with the vowels studied to the next class.

6. Conclusion
– Review the studied vowels and highlight their importance in word formation.
– Reinforce the practice of associating vowels with everyday objects.
– Highlight the importance of correct pronunciation of vowels in written and oral communication.

At the end of the class, students should be able to identify, pronounce and associate the vowels A, E, I, O, U with objects and animals, thus developing their phonological awareness and linguistic skills.

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