Lesson Plan: Media for Early Childhood Education

Written by Mariana Santos

ArqBahia team of authors.

Lesson Plan: Media for Early Childhood Education

1. Goals
1.1. Main objectives:
– Introduce students to the concept of media.
– Identify different types of communication media used in everyday life.
– Understand the importance of the media in society.
1.2. Secondary objectives:
– Stimulate students’ creativity when creating their own means of communication.
– Promote interaction between students in discussing the media.
– Encourage students’ oral expression when sharing their ideas about the media.

2. Introduction
– Start the class by asking questions like: “What is a means of communication?” and “What means of communication do you know?”
– Present examples of different media, such as television, radio, newspapers, internet, among others.
– Highlight the importance of the media in transmitting information and communicating between people.

3. Development
3.1. Recognition Activity:
– Show images from different media and ask students to identify each one.
– Group discussion on how each means of communication is used and its importance.

3.2. Practical Activity:
– Divide students into groups and propose that they create a fictitious means of communication, using materials available in the classroom.
– Each group will have the opportunity to present their means of communication and explain how it works.

4. Return
4.1. Learning Review:
– Review with students the different types of media presented and discuss the importance of each one.
– Ask questions to check understanding, such as: “Why are media important?” and “How can we use the media in a positive way?”.

4.2. Student Feedback:
– Ask students to share what they liked most about the class and if they have any questions about the media.

5. Homework
– Ask students to observe the different means of communication at home and report in the next class which ones were most used by them and their families.

6. Conclusion
– Recap the concepts learned during the class and reinforce the importance of the media in society.
– Encourage students to use the media responsibly and positively.

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