Lesson Plan: The Colorful Duckling for BNCC Kindergarten

Written by Mariana Santos

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Lesson plan: The Colorful Duckling for BNCC Kindergarten


Estimated time: 10 – 15 minutes

Main Objectives:
– Introduce colors in a fun and interactive way for students.
– Develop students’ visual perception and motor coordination.
– Stimulate creativity and artistic expression through painting.

Secondary Objectives:
– Promote integration and socialization among students.
– Encourage autonomy and independence in carrying out activities.
– Stimulate interest in visual arts and individual expression.


Time estimate: 15 – 20 minutes

In this class, we will explore colors in a fun way with the story of “Colored Duckling”. Let's talk about colors and how each of them can make our lives more joyful and vibrant. Before starting the story, let's review together the colors we already know and discover new interesting colors.


Time estimate: 50 – 60 minutes

Color Review
Let's start by reviewing the colors we have already learned previously. Using colorful posters, we will remember the name of each color and practice identifying them.

Story Telling
Now, let's hear the story of the “Colored Duckling”. While reading, let's pay attention to the colors that appear in the story and how they can make us feel.

Painting Activity
After telling the story, each student will receive a blank sheet of paper and colored paints. They will be encouraged to paint a colorful duckling however they wish, exploring their creativity and individual expression.


Time estimate: 15 – 20 minutes

Learning Check
At the end of the painting activity, we will gather all the students' work and share it as a group. Each student will have the opportunity to talk about the colors they chose and why their duckling turned out the way it did.

Student Feedback
To end the class, we will ask students what they liked most about the painting activity and if they learned anything new about colors. They will also be able to share suggestions for future activities related to colors and art.


Time estimate: 5 minutes

For homework, students will be encouraged to observe the colors around them and try to identify different tones in common objects. They can draw a picture or make a list of the colors they find.


Estimated time: 10 – 15 minutes

To end the class, let's remember the colors from the story of “Colored Duckling” and how important they were for the duckling's journey. Let's highlight the importance of colors in our world and how they can influence our emotions and perceptions.

At the end, students will be encouraged to continue exploring colors and art in their daily lives, bringing more creativity and joy to their lives.

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