Lesson Plan: Strokes Sounds Colors and Shapes Early Childhood Education

Written by Mariana Santos

ArqBahia team of authors.

  1. Necessary resources
  • Whiteboard or projector for slideshow
  • Environmental Impact Simulation Game Board
  • Event cards and resource markers for the game
  • Paper, pencil and internet access for practical activity to design sustainable solutions
  1. Assessment

    Students will be evaluated based on their active participation in classroom discussions, their collaboration in practical activities, their ability to apply the concepts learned in concrete situations, and the quality of their responses during review and feedback.

  2. Final considerations

    It is essential that students understand the importance of sustainability and caring for the environment from an early age. By promoting interaction between theory and practice, this class seeks to instill in students critical, creative and responsible thinking in relation to environmental issues.

    By encouraging collaboration, creativity and innovative thinking, we hope students become agents of change in their communities and future careers, promoting a more sustainable and balanced world for generations to come.

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