Spring Lesson Plan for Early Childhood Education

Written by Mariana Santos

ArqBahia team of authors.


Main objectives:

  • Introduce the concept of Spring in a fun and accessible way to children.
  • Explore the characteristics of the Spring season, such as blooming flowers, warmer weather and longer days.
  • Encourage observation of nature and recognition of the changes that occur in the environment during Spring.

Secondary objectives:

  • Promote children's creativity through artistic activities related to Spring.
  • Develop fine motor skills through hands-on activities such as drawing flowers or planting seeds.
  • Encourage care and respect for the environment, highlighting the importance of preserving nature.


To start the class, we will talk to the children about the seasons, remembering that it is Spring. Let's talk about the characteristics of Spring, such as the flowers that begin to bloom and changes in the weather.

We will show images and videos that represent Spring, so that children can better visualize this season of the year. We will also ask what they have observed in nature that indicates that it is Spring.


1. Practical activity:

  • Planting seeds: We will provide pots, soil and seeds so that each child can plant a seed during class. We will explain the care that plants need and how spring is important for their growth.
  • Flower Design: Children will have paper and colored pencils to draw flowers. We can talk about the different types of flowers that exist and their characteristic colors.

2. Moment of observation:

  • Let's go for a walk around the school or in an outdoor space, where the children can observe the changes in nature during Spring. We will ask them to identify the flowers they find along the way.


Learning Check:

  • Let's bring the children together to share what they learned about Spring during the activities. Let's ask what they liked doing most and what they found most interesting about the station.

Children's feedback:

  • We will ask each child to share what they liked most about the class and if they had any questions or anything they wanted to ask about Spring.


For homework, we will ask children to draw or collect images that represent Spring, such as flowers, butterflies or flowering trees. They can bring these drawings to share in the next class.


To end the class, we will remember the main characteristics of Spring, highlighting the importance of this season for nature and for us. We will encourage children to continue observing the nature around them and take care of the plants they planted during class.

Let's highlight the beauty and importance of Spring, and how it brings us joy and renewal. And we will remind children that nature is something precious that we must care for and preserve for future generations.

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