Lesson Plan: Numbers Bingo How to Implement the Plan

Written by Mariana Santos

ArqBahia team of authors.

1. Goals
– Provide students with a fun activity to review and practice identifying numbers.
– Stimulate students’ attention and concentration.
– Promote interaction and collaboration between students.

2. Materials
– Bingo cards with numbers from 1 to 20.
– Numbers drawn on pieces of paper or chips.
– Markers for students to mark the numbers on the cards.

3. Development

3.1. Game explanation (time estimate: 5 minutes)
– Introduce the game by explaining the basic rules of bingo and how the numbers will be drawn.

3.2. Distribution of cards (time estimate: 5 minutes)
– Distribute cards to students and make sure everyone has markers to use during the game.

3.3. Beginning of the game (time estimate: 20 minutes)
– Start drawing the numbers and call them out loud. Students must identify on the card whether they have the drawn number and mark it.

3.4. Winner (time estimate: 5 minutes)
– The first student to complete a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line must shout “Bingo!” and be declared the winner.

4. Closing Activity
– To end the game, the winner can be symbolically awarded.
– Ask students to share what they liked most about the activity and if they had any difficulties.

5. Assessment
– Observe student participation and engagement during the game.
– Check whether students were able to correctly identify the numbers called.
– Evaluate the interaction between students during the activity.

6. Final Observations
– Remember to adapt the difficulty level of the game according to the age group of the students.
– Vary the way you call the numbers to keep students interested.
– Reinforce the importance of attention and concentration for success in the game.

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