Lesson Plan: for Circus Day in Early Childhood Education

Written by Mariana Santos

ArqBahia team of authors.

Lesson Plan: Circus Day in Early Childhood Education


1. Main objectives:
– Promote the integration and socialization of children through circus activities, stimulating creativity and imagination.
– Explore and develop children’s motor skills through circus activities such as juggling, balance and body expression.
– Present circus culture in a playful and fun way, respecting diversity and circus art.

2. Secondary objectives:
– Stimulate children’s motor coordination, balance and concentration.
– Encourage artistic expression and non-verbal communication.
– Value the importance of teamwork and cooperation in circus activities.


– Start the class with a conversation about Circus Day, explaining a little about the history and importance of this date for Brazilian culture.
– Present images and videos of circus shows to arouse children’s curiosity and interest.
– Tell a story about the circus, highlighting the characters and elements present in this magical universe.


1. Practical Activities:
Juggling Workshop: Children will have the opportunity to try juggling with juggling balls, developing motor coordination and balance.
Circus mini presentation: Each group of children will create a small circus performance, using elements such as clowns, acrobats and tightrope walkers.
Circus Games: Games such as sack racing, tug of war and musical chairs will be played, inspired by the circus environment.


1. Learning Check:
– At the end of the activities, there will be a conversation circle for children to share what they learned and the experiences they had during the circus activities.

2. Student feedback:
– Children will be encouraged to express what they liked most about the activities and whether they felt challenged at some point, in order to identify positive points and possible improvements.


– As homework, children will be invited to draw a circus scene, representing their favorite characters or a circus performance that they liked the most.


– At the conclusion of the class, the importance of respect for diversity and circus art will be reinforced, encouraging children to value teamwork and creative expression.
– It will be highlighted that the circus is an ancient art form that involves physical and emotional skills, promoting joy and entertainment for all ages.

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